Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some hilarious videos

I am sharing some hilarious videos which I found funny. Some of them are pretty famous.

Warning : Watch this videos at your own risk. :D

1) Scene from Clerk
This is suppose to be most hilarious scene from Hindi cinema. After watching this scene, I thought Indian Army is totally wasting money in medical facilities. Instead of building hospitals, they should just buy an Ipod for each soldier with only one song in it.

2) Scene from Loha
The tru power of Dharmendra is revealed in this scene.

3) Some pathetic dance items
These are some of the most pathetic dance items I have ever seen. Have a look at this and this

4) Taki ka Taka
Our very own Taki Sawant is getting married! Here some of the videos of her swayamwar. 1 2 34 5

5) Eschool ke tem pe
Male & female version. I don't konw why female version is called Nagpuri. Anyone from Nagpur knows ?

6) Eye catching fighting scene
This video will literary bring your eyes out.

7) Meri jaan hai radha
Video & lyrics both are awesome. I am sure these kids in the video will commit suicide when they will realize what they have done.

8) Reporter
How can you forget the most dedicated reported in Pakistan ?

9) Doyal Baba
This is live dance show of Doyal baba.

10) Sunny Deol
How can we miss Sunny Deol ? This is his extraordinary dance & this is his interview with Taki Sawant

11) South Indian movies
South Indian movies are full of imagination & creative ideas. Here is some of the genius piece of work from South Indian movies. 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7

Hopefully I will be posting another set of such videos in some days.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Opening scene of Gunda

A blog describing itself as hilarious, is incomplete without mentioning Gunda, the greatest gift ever to mankind by Prabhuji.

As we start any work with the name of God, I am starting posts on my blog with opening scene of Gunda. Like mother, who loves all her children equally , I like all scenes of Gunda. But this scene gives overall idea about remaining movie.

First non comedy post !

This is first (& hopefully last) non comedy post of this blog. Of course, in this blog, I define comedy. So be careful while giving reply.

So, as our HR has said once , "Its a fun time again! Lets Rock".