Sunday, February 21, 2010

Compilation of PJs - 1

I am just copy pasting PJs from my twitter handle . I will be posting my published PJs first & then will move to weekly release.

Check out news channels..Aundh madhe barfa padla. 1 manus cycle varun barfa gheun challa hota. Barfa Padla.

Q- Which ship has never docked in Liverpool?? Ans-premiership

thought 4d day : learn to love ppl who r in love wid some1 else bcoz........thats d only way to make love triangles

An ant was swimming with one hand in the air! Guess why!? . . . Its watch wasnt water proof!

why Zidane hit meterazzi in WC final? bcoz Meterazzi asked "hum chloromint Kyu khate hain?"

ekda ek pregnant bai doctor kade jate. Doctor: kitwa mahina? Bai: aathva. Doctor: me kasa aathvu?

Titanic is now to be remaked in tamil wid Rajnikant & Ash. But in climax,Rajni swims whole sea wid Ash in 1 hand & Titanic in other !

geography & history r inversely proportional. a girl wid gud geography wil have bad history & girl wid gud history will have bad geography

Boy: Chalo kisi viraan jagah chalte hain! Gal: Tum aisi-vaisi harkat to nahi karoge? Boy: Bilkul nahi! Gal: To phir rehne do

Tiger kil goat. Hippopotamus see it.Tiger tell hippo not to tell any1 about it. Hippo refuses it.Why? Bcoz as shakira says "hips don't lie"

What is it when a man talks dirty to a woman? Sexual harassment. What is it when a woman talks dirty to a man? Rs 40 a minute

Enginer & doctor loved same gal.Engner b4 gng out of station 4 week gave 7 apples to gal.Why ? bcoz an apple a day keeps doctr away

Why JAVA teacher dont give homework ? Bcoz every java program must be written inside a CLASS

Eka manasache pay chaukoni asatat. Tar tyacha naav kay asel ? Area of Circle .. bcoz .. Pay are Square

50-50 Kms. dur jab koi bacha oon oon karke rota hai to maa kehti hai beta aise mat roo varna.. bada ho kar HIMESH RESHHAMIYA ban jayega
In 1960, India's first topless bar opened in Mumbai. Good News : Its still open. Bad news : Same girls are still dancing.

Teacher teaching algebra,A=B&B=C meansA=C.Sir asked student to give an eg.Student replied I LUV U&U LUV UR DAUGHTER means I LUV UR DAUGHTER

Jasba navacha chor jail madhun palun eka guhet lapto, pan policanna to lagech disto. ka? agar jasba ho andar to dikhta hai bahar !

there are so many gals on a bridge & they are all mad abt one person, who? Ans- kisna - jiski deewani har bridge ki bala woh kisna hai.

Who can convert GANESH to ANESH ? Ans : Kailas Kher bcoz he sings "Tere naam se G lu"

guruji:- kay re mothe pani kon honaar tu? pintu :- mhataraa

ek signal dusrya signal la kay mhanto? thamb baghu nakos mi badaltoy

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