Sunday, February 21, 2010

Compilation of PJs - 9

To do is to be -Socrates. To be is to do -Plato. Do be do be do -Scooby Doo

ek calculator dusre calci ko kya bola? Ans - CASIO???".(kaisi-ho?)

Q: What do you call a pig with three eyes? Ans: A Piiig

what a chicken will say when its been cooked with green chilly ? Ans- hum pe kisine hara rang dala..maar dala..maar dala

Whats a man's idea of a romantic evening?.. A candlelight football stadium

What is the Center of Gravity? its V .. the center of "gra V ity"

Teacher-"In India, after every 10 secs a women gives birth to a kid. " Sardar- "We must find & stop her"

Whats d plural form of SRK ? Ans- ICICI bank bcoz SRK says 'MAI HOON NAA' & ICICI bank says "HUM HAI NAA"

A C program to prevent TITANIC from sinking: declare variable as " float TITANIC;"

पुण्याच्या कर्वे रोडला पाणी येतं. पण, तिकडल्याच कोथरुडला का येत नाही? कारण दोन्हीमध्ये नळ स्टॉप आहे.

पुरातन काळातले हाडाचे सांगाडे पाहिल्यावर त्यातला पुरुषाचा वा स्त्रीचा कसे ओळखतात?त्या हाडांचे जबडे पहातात.जो जास्त झिजला असेल तो स्त्रीचा.

Interviewer-"what kind of books do u read?",Student (guess who?)-"TechMax Publications".(

BaNta-Teri Biwi Ko Car Chahiye Thi, TuNe Use DiamoNd RiNg KyuN Di? SaNta: MaiN Nakli Car Kaha Se Lata?

In a 100 meter Race,it was announced "1 2 3 start". All started running except Santa.Coach- Y r u waitin? Santa- My no. is 4

mom-beta so ja nahi to gabbar aa jaega.Beta-jaldi se 100 Rs do,nahi to papa se bata dunga ki mere sone ke baad gabbar ata ha

what would you call if all the mother-in-laws took part in a race? Ans- race sason ki

Man-Officer!There's a bomb in my garden!Officer-Don't worry. If no one claims it within three days, you can keep it.

What did the cookie say to the milk? - Ans - Wahts up Dhood?

haathi ke ghutne ko kya khete hai ? Ans - ghajnee[gaj-knee]

Why don't you feel hungry while surfing the net? Ans: You are getting your supply of Cookies

BCCI refuses Virgin airline sponsorship-How can Indian players wear T-shirts saying "VIRGIN" and get screwed in every match?

What will 'Paa' movie be called if it has koda instead of big b in lead role - PaKoda 2:01

Why can`t the afghans watch tv?....Cause of the telliban

How can a Sardar Kill a Lion ? Sardarji thinks N thinks hard & comes to a conclusion, I'll drink poison n let lion eat me!

Sardar seats in Boing airplane for d 1st time.He started shouting "Boing Boing" Air hostess said-"B silent" Sardar-"Oing Oing"

what is d difference between Santa And Zandu Bam ? Ans - 1 is Sardar and other one is asardar

Sardar got a sms from his girl friend-"I MISS YOU". Sardar replied-"I Mr YOU"

Whats d age of ranbir kapoor in "ajab prem ki ghzab kahani" ?Ans-12yrs Why ? bcoz he sings "13 hone laga hun"

akbar ne liye tin ghode, akbar ne liye tin ghode, apdi pode,pode ,pode

Why'd the boy eat his homework? His teacher told him it was a piece of cake!

Superman once wrote on the wall: "Batman is a wimp." The next day Batman wrote: "Superman is Clark Kent.

Why did God create economists? Ans - To make weathermen look good! 2

What did one earthquake say to the other earthquake? Ans - It's all your fault!

Boy 1-Why don't u break up with ur GF?Boy 2- If i break up with her, I'll hv to change passwords of all my accs.

Where was "love" born ? Ans - In China. bcoz it has no guarantee & no warranty ! Chale to chand tak, nahi to sham tak

SRK chya ghari 10 fans ahet tari tyacha farsa wara yet nahi ka ? Ans - Hole hole se hawa lagati hai

What did 0 say to 8? Ans - Nice belt!

Sardar got promotion From Executive to Manager. He went home and told his wife in new style "TU AAJ RAT SE MANAGER KE SAATH SOYEGI"

लड़का: तुम गाना बहुत अच्छा गाती हो. लडकी: नहीं, में तो सिर्फ बाथरूम सिंगर हूँ. लड़का: तो बुलाओ ना कभी, महफिल जमाते हैं

What will you call a guy who is not "cool" Ans - Nakul

ekda 1 mulga eka mulichi chhed kadhato.tar ti tyala chidun vicharte."aye mula kay kartos?' to mhanto "B.Com"

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